Using Black jack Strategy Cards To Win

Mathematicians have developed a Blackjack strategy that is based on millions of Blackjack hands. This strategy can be learned from quick reference cards and is especially designed to give you a better chance of beating the casino at Blackjack. This basic strategy allows the player to split their first 2 cards, double their stake and choose when to go for another card. These are all advantages to help towards success. It also increases the amount won for the player while leaving the casino with even money.

Three things to remember with this statistical strategy is to stand on 17 or more, whilst hitting on less than 8 and when the dealer has higher than 7 you should hit on 12-16. There is also an option for the player of this strategy to double their bet after they have seen the first two cards. Doubling down is also advised, you should double down on 11, and on 10 when the dealer has 9 or less, and on 9 when the dealer has 6 or less. It sounds a little complicated to a novice but if you know your game of Blackjack it will be easy to digest.

If a Blackjack player receives 2 cards of the same values he may split them and make 2 hands at the same time as doubling his stake. Using the strategy cards will help you make the best possible choices for an optimum chance of a winning hand. Try using Blackjack strategy cards to win at the game of Blackjack next time you play.

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